Addy's Party Treats.

Addy's Party Treats were introduced to Addy's Collection in 1994 and retired in 2007. They are associated with the book Happy Birthday, Addy!. Retail cost was $24 and later increased to $26.

Pie and Tin

Cherry pie with two removable slices. Metal pie tin.

Pie Server

Metal distressed pie server with off-white handle.

Ice Cream

Two scoops of home-made vanilla ice cream.

Milk Bottle

Glass milk bottle vase.


Bouquet of multicolored flowers to go into milk bottle.

Muslin banner on wooden rod. Red hanging cord. Black stars in heart shape. Black text: "1865; My (heart) is Glad My Country is Free."


Red, white, and blue paper banner on black metal rod.


The pie and ice cream, (modified), server, and flowers were integrated into Addy's Ice Cream Set.

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