Addy's Flower-Picking Outfit.

Addy's Flower-Picking Outfit (also sold as Addy's Kite-Flying Outfit (with kite), Addy's Dress and Bouquet, and Addy's Blue Dress (dress alone) was introduced to Addy's Collection in 2004, revamped in 2005, and revamped again in 2013 before it was retired in 2014. Retail cost was originally $22 and later increased to $28; when the flowers were removed, it was lowered to $24.


Light blue short sleeved lightweight linen dress. Boat neck. Gathered bodice. Flounced sleeves. Tucks in skirt.


Black gingham wide hair ribbon.



Addy's Kite Flying Outfit.


Addy's Blue Dress.

When sold as Addy's Kite-Flying Outfit, a kite was included. Print pink fabric on plastic frame; pink and blue grosgrain ribbons on tail. Wire "string" and handle. This was removed in 2005 and replaced with the bouquet.


Pretend floral bouquet of yellow, blue, white, and red flowers. In 2008, the bouquet was removed, restored in 2011, and removed a final time in 2013.

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