Addy's Blue Dress.

Addy's Blue Dress was introduced to Addy's Collection in 2004 as Addy's Kite-Flying Outfit. It was revamped in 2005 to Addy's Flower-Picking Outfit (also called Addy's Dress and Bouquet), then revamped again in 2013 to Addy's Blue Dress before it was retired in 2014.

Retail cost was originally $22 and later increased to $28. When the flowers were removed, it was lowered to $24.


Light blue short sleeved lightweight linen dress. Square boat neckline. Gathered bodice. Tucked waistband. Flounced short sleeves. Decorative tucks in skirt. Velcros up the back.


Black gingham wide hair ribbon. V-cut Ends.


Addy's Kite Flying Outfit.

Toy kite. Print pink fabric on plastic frame; pink and blue grosgrain ribbons on tail. Wire "string" and handle.

This was removed in 2005 and replaced with the bouquet.


Addy's Flower-Picking Outfit.

Silk flower bouquet. Yellow, blue, white, and red flowers.

In 2008 the bouquet was removed; it was restored in 2011 before being removed a final time in 2013.

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