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Aaron Livingston is the uncle of Caroline Abbott.



In the Books[]

Caroline's Secret Message[]

Aaron and Martha have been living in Upper Canada for a few years, on a farm they own. They had moved up to Canada only a few years ago, and so their loyalty to Britain is considered questionable. When Caroline and her mother arrive while on a trip to the British fort that John Abbott is being held at, he quickly ushers the two inside, prompting Caroline to think he is acting strange. Upon hearing that Caroline and her mother sailed over, he explains that the boat must be hidden. He and his wife are glad to hear that Oliver is safe and has been released. Aaron explains that that since they live in Canada, he could be conscripted into the British militia as he is considered a citizen. He feels he cannot do this, so he and his family plan to move back to New York using a boat he is building and sailing before the lake freezes. He worries that their Loyalist neighbors may find out and they may be arrested before they arrive.

He and his sister discuss how to get information to John, but Aaron finds the prospects grim at getting any news or information and explains they will be searched if they are even allowed to visit. When Caroline proposes that they use her map embroidery, he and Martha point out the locations of people who cannot be trusted and places patrolled by gunboats for her to mark.

Two days before Caroline's birthday, Aaron, Martha, and Lydia arrive safely in New York.

A Surprise for Caroline[]

Aaron, Martha, and Lydia are currently living with the Abbotts.

Changes for Caroline[]

The Smuggler's Secrets[]