A Year of Slumber Parties: 12 months of celebrations for you & your friends is an American Girl publication detailing ideas for 12 monthly, themed slumber parties. Each party includes directions for invitations, decorations, food and drink, games, activities, favors, and next morning ideas. Retail cost is $9.99.



  • Theme: Up-All-Night Neon Party
  • Decorations: Bright Balloons, Popping Places!, Garland Glow
  • Food & Drink: Glow Gelatin, Glow Punch, Neon Bark
  • Games: Ring Toss, Bowling
  • Activity: Neon Dance Party
  • Favor: Light-Up Lanterns
  • The Next Morning: Bright Breakfast


  • Theme: Sweet Swap
  • Decorations: Guess the Gumballs, Candy Balloons
  • Drink: Sweet Sippers
  • Dessert & Craft: Sprinkle Treats
  • Game: Grab & Give
  • Favor: Goodies To Go
  • The Next Morning: Pan-Cake


  • Theme: Luck & Charms
  • Decorations: Under the Rainbow
  • Drink: Colorful Cubes
  • Dessert: Rainbow Gelatin Cups
  • Craft: Lucky Cat
  • Games: High Rollers, Seven Slap
  • Favor: Motivating Minis
  • The Next Morning: Lucky Charms


  • Theme: Sleepaway Glamp
  • Decorations: Starry Night
  • Drink: S'more Smoothie
  • Snack: Campfire Snack
  • Dessert: Cupcake Fondue
  • Craft: Travel Towel
  • Activity: Honey Face Mask
  • Favor: Stay Sweet Sugar Scrub
  • The Next Morning: French Toast Kabobs


  • Theme: Paint Party
  • Decorations: Pops of Color
  • Snack: Paintbrush Pretzels
  • Drink: Artist's Inspiration
  • Craft: Art in Small Spaces
  • Dessert: Cookie Canvases
  • Game: Multiple Masterpieces
  • Favor: Color Buckets
  • The Next Morning: Art Show


  • Theme: Around-the-World Extravaganza
  • Decorations: Wish Map, Hot-Air Balloon Lanterns
  • Snack & Drink: In-Flight Snacks
  • Dessert & Craft: Eiffel Tower Wafers
  • Craft: Mini Suitcase Memory Boxes
  • Games: All-State Challenge, Wonders of the World
  • Favor: Luggage Tags
  • The Next Morning: Eat-Your-Way-Around-the-USA Breakfast


  • Theme: Stars & Stripes Carnival
  • Decorations: Summer Chandeliers
  • Snack: Popcorn Pops
  • Drink: Lemonade Stand
  • Dessert: Blue-Ribbon Mini Pies
  • Games: Tic-Tac-Throw, Spray to Win, Tin Can Toss
  • Favor: Bag of Fish
  • The Next Morning: All-American Breakfast


  • Theme: Sea Soiree
  • Decorations: Under the Sea
  • Drink: Pacific Punch
  • Desserts: Candy Marine Life, Sand Dollar Sweets
  • Craft: Mermaid Headbands
  • Games: Shell Search, Splash Dash
  • Favor: Message-in-a-Bottle Fortunes
  • The Next Morning: Fruit Boats


  • Theme: Bookworm Blast
  • Decorations: Book Lover Banner, Little Libraries
  • Snack: Bookworm Sandwiches
  • Drink: Alphabet Punch
  • Dessert: Sweet Search
  • Games: Name That Book, Storyteller Ball
  • Craft: Easy Reading Pillow
  • Favor: Book Jar Bookends
  • The Next Morning: Books for Breakfast


  • Theme: Pumpkin Palooza
  • Decoration & Favor: Pom-Pom Garland
  • Drink: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
  • Snack: Pumpkin Fruit Cup
  • Craft: Pumpkin Painting Stations
  • Games: Pumpkin hunt, Pumnpkin Playoff, Pass the Pumpkin
  • Favor: Pumpkin Marshmallow To-Go Treats
  • The Next Morning: Pumpkin Pancake Poppers


  • Theme: Forest Friends Fest
  • Decorations: Felt Feathers, Painted Pinecones
  • Snack: Chewy Trail-Mix Bars
  • Dessert: Acorn Snacks
  • Drink: Caramel Apple Cider
  • Craft: Felt Pincone Owl
  • Game: Walk in the Woods
  • Game & Craft: Woodland Friends Photo Booth
  • Favor: Fox Favor Bags
  • The Next Morning: Owl Breakfast Toast


  • Theme: Let-It-Snow Sleepover
  • Decorations: Snowflake Window Clings, Felt Snowdrifts
  • Snack: Snowman Soup
  • Drink: Snowball Soda Float
  • Dessert & Craft: Snowman-Building Contest
  • Game: Snowball Fight
  • Favor: Snowy Send-Off
  • The Next Morning: Snowpeople Donut Kabobs
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