A Winning Spirit: A Molly Classic Volume 1 is a bound book of the first three books of Molly's Central Series.

Stories Included

Changes and Added Transitions

  • Throughout, handwritten or letter parts that were originally illustrated or given unique fonts (e.g. Miss Campbell's writing on the board, Molly's letter to her father) are replaced with italics in block quote paragraphs.
  • Molly Learns a Lesson: Chapter Four: Spies and Allies (now Chapter Eight) ends with Molly, two days after their project work, cutting an article out of the Jefferson Daily News to mail to her father: an article about the girls of her class winning the Lend-A-Hand Contest. The full text of the article is written out (because there is no photograph or caption, Miss Campbell's full name is written instead of stating "their teacher") and the illustration is described. Molly can't wait for her dad to see it as the hospital is getting not just a blanket, but a blue ribbon blanket.

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