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A Thief in the Theater is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Kit's books.


From the Central Series[]


Only in A Thief in the Theater[]


Chapter By Chapter Summary[]

Chapter One: A Job To Do[]

Chapter Two: A Surprise Announcement[]

Chapter Three: Stolen![]

Chapter Four: Desperate Acts[]

Chapter Five: Jinxed?[]

Chapter Six: Suspicion[]

Chapter Seven: Toil and Trouble[]

Chapter Eight: An Accident?[]

Chapter Nine: The Clue in the Attic[]

Chapter Ten: Smoke[]

Chapter Eleven: A Confession[]

Chapter Twelve: Mightier than the Sword[]

Chapter Thirteen: Opening Night[]

Looking Back[]

Discusses theater and the entertainment industry in the 1930s. Topics covered:

  • America's eagerness to forget their troubles, such as listening to the radio or attending theaters
  • The length entertainers went to attract audiences due to lack of money
  • How theaters managed to stay in business, such as lowering ticket prices and offering promotions
  • Common theater entertainment, such as matinees, newsreels, and serials for children, and bingo nights, crockery giveaways, and cash raffles for adults
  • The popularity of radio as free entertainment
  • Common radio entertainment such as variety shows, westerns, and audio adaptations of movies and plays
  • Competition between radio, movies, and theater
  • The struggles faced by live theater, prompting President Roosevelt to create the Federal Theater Project
  • The Federal Theater Project's role in helping unemployed workers in the entertainment industry, including Orson Welles' critically acclaimed production of Macbeth at Lafayette Theater
  • The story of William Shakespeare's Macbeth, and the changes Orson Welles made in his production of the play, such as moving the setting from Scotland to Haiti
  • Theater-related superstitions, such as telling an actor to "break a leg" instead of wishing them good luck
  • The popularity of Macbeth, despite actors and directors never referring to Macbeth by name and calling it "the play" or "the Scottish play"


  1. Pg. 2: Kit dreamed of being a reporter, and she was writing articles for the children's page of the Cincinnati Register. Kit began writing for the children's page in Danger at the Zoo.