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A Smart Girl's Guide to Money is a Smart Girl's book. It was first released in 2006 and rereleased in 2014 as A Smart Girl's Guide: Money


Money! Money?:

  • A Girl and Her Money: An introduction
  • Money Moments: Using fictional characters, it illustrates how money influences life.
  • Money Emotions: Explains how emotions can connect to how one handles money.
  • Allowance: Girls' opinions on allowance and how their allowance works. Also offers a mini guide on how to ask for a raise in your allowance.
  • A Big Truth: The basic message of the entire category.

Making Money:

  • Going into Business: Offers tips on how to spot business opportunities.
  • Quiz: Is it the Right Job for You?
  • Will It Work?: Gives advice on how to find out if the business idea will work out. Also shows how to work out profit.
  • Parts & Partners: Gives job ideas your friend can do to help the business.
  • Starting Up: Advice on how to start up and promote your business.
  • Quiz: Are You Innovative?
  • Home Office: Advice on how to keep your business information organized
  • Keeping the Customer Happy: Tips on how to attract and keep customers
  • Troubleshooting: Six questions ask about problems one might face during their business such as competition and poor sales. There are answers underneath the questions answering how to solve the problem.

Let's Go Shopping!:

  • The Wonderful World of Shopping: Introduction to shopping and the gimmicks shops use to attract customers.
  • Best Buys, Worst Buys: Various girls sharing what was their best and worst buy.
  • Quiz: What Kind of Shopper Are You?
  • Shop Smart: Tips on how to be a smarter shopper with tips like thinking about wants and needs.
  • Six Ways Not to Buy: Questions to ask yourself when buying something.
  • Quiz: Spending Spree: Gives an imaginary setting where you get $75 and how you spend it during a trip to the mall.
  • Quiz: How Gullible Are You?: Shows various ways businesses try to have the customer spend more money then they planned.
  • Plastic Money: Discusses what a debit and credit card is, and how they work.

Saving Money

  • Get In the Habit: Various advice from girls on how to save money
  • Budgeting Basics: Teaches how to make a budget.
  • Beyond Piggy Banks: Shows how to fill out a deposit check and a balance for banks.
  • Cash Cards: Discusses ATMs and ATM cards.
  • Making Money with Money: Various ideas on how to make money using your money, such as stocks and interest accounts.
  • How to Become a Millionaire: Tells how one can become a millionaire by saving and investing.

Rich? Rich!

  • Twenty Dollars: Discusses what it means to be rich.
  • Two Dollars: Tells how two dollars can help with charities.
  • One Girl: Gives the basic ideas on how to obtain financial security.

101 Moneymaking Ideas:

  • Chores and Odd Jobs
  • Use Your Skills
  • Care for Others
  • Make Things and Sell Them

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