A Girl Named Hillary: The True Story of Hillary Clinton is a Scholastic-published book part of the A Girl Named series.


Discusses Ms. Clinton's acceptance of the Democratic Nomination in July 2016 as an introduction.

Chapter 1: Growing Up in Park Ridge

Discusses Ms. Clinton's birth, family, and early childhood.

Chapter 2: Do All The Good You Can

Discusses Ms. Clinton's later childhood years, including volunteering and being a Girl Scout.

Chapter 3: Being a Girl

Discusses Ms. Clinton's continued childhood years and early teen years including inclusion in sports with her father and brothers, ambition to be an astronaut, and disappointment when she was informed by NASA that as a girl she couldn't be one.

Chapter 4: Winning and Losing

Discusses Ms. Clinton's high school and college years, including becoming vice president of the junior class, running for senior class president and losing (and being told it was because she was a girl), attendance at Wellesley College and becoming class president, and speaking at commencement.

Chapter 5: Lawyer, Mother, First Lady

Discusses Ms. Clinton's adult years, including attending Yale law school, meeting and marrying Bill Clinton, the birth of her daughter Cheslea, and position as First Lady.

Chapter 6: Never Give Up

Discusses Ms. Clinton's serving as senator, Secretary of State, the 2016 election and outcome, and her statement that even, won or lost, that one should never give up.


Definitions of bolded words.


Timeline of Ms. Clinton's life.

A Girl Named Alena

Information on Alena Mulhern, who is seeking changes in eligibility for foreign-born, adopted American citizens.[1]

Back Quote

"When you're knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can't or shouldn't go on."

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