A Bundle of Trouble is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Rebecca's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Noise in the Night

Chapter Two: New Neighbors

Chapter Three: Who is That Boy?

Chapter Four: The Girl in the Park

Chapter Five: A Dreadful Mistake

Chapter Six: A Desperate Search

Chapter Seven: A Terrible Crime

Chapter Eight: Trouble at Home

Chapter Nine: Kidnapper on the Loose

Chapter Ten: Midnight Encounter

Chapter Eleven: Up to No Good?

Chapter Twelve: Showdown!

Chapter Thirteen: A Confession

Chapter Fourteen: Brave and Bold as a Queen

Chapter Fifteen: So Much to Celebrate

Looking Back

Discusses the household duties of young girls in 1914. Topics include:

  • The expectation that daughters would help their mothers with childcare
  • The role boys played in contributing to the household
  • Activities boys may have participated in, such as playing pranks on neighbors
  • Awareness of child kidnappings among families, even in good neighborhoods
  • Expectations kidnappers demanded from families of kidnapped children, such as monetary ransoms
  • Immigrant traditions to ward off misfortune, such as wearing corno charms among Italian families
  • Sukkot, a Jewish holiday of thanksgiving

Glossary of Italian Words


  1. The story begins on nearest Sunday, which would have been October 8th in 1916.
  2. The story ends on the first day of Sukkot, which fell on October 12th in 1916.
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