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The 60's Hippie Costume as seen on Just Like You 15.

The 60's Hippie (also known as the Hippie Costume) is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 1998 and retired in 2003. Retail cost was $24.


Multi-colored bell-bottoms. Print is of yellow, orange, green and red square flowers over a deep blue checked lattice on a pale blue background.


Tie-dye shirt. Fabric has swirls and waves of blue, dark pink and yellow on white crinkled "peasant blouse' fabric. Long flared sleeves.


Purple velvet vest with fringe around hem. The vest is cut short enough for the shirt hem to be visible beneath it.


Two daisy hair clips. Shown as clipped into a small accent braid in doll's hair.


Two strings of beads. One is made of small, rainbow-colored, embroidered flower shapes and is shown worn around the head. The other has tiny multicolored beads with a large silver peace symbol pendant to be worn as a necklace. Peace symbol pendant is dark silver and has tinted plastic film.


Granny-style glasses. Round silver frames, gradient purple-to-gold lenses.


Brown suede sandals. Flat bottom with three straps criss-crossed over top of foot. Brown elastic band around ankle.


The '60s Hippie costume for children.

Multi-colored daisy headband.


White candy bucket with a ghost's face and two bats.

Dress Like Your Doll

The children's costume was available for $48.